We offer many Classes. HipHop Classes, Jazz Classes, Ballet Classes, Modern Classes and more.

22 Jun

We will begin our Registration for the Fall 2020 School Year on Saturday, June 27th, 2020. Just click on “Register” and fill out the short form and we will get back with you shortley”

Come sign up for the following classes for the fall.  Hip Hop Classes, Jazz Classes, Ballet Classes, Tap Classes and Modern Classes just to mention a few.   Just click on our Dance Class section to see all of our styles.  Come register during regular class hours. We are located at 9310 Forest Ln Suite 318 Dallas, TX 75243.

You may also email us at to registered your child at [email protected]   Please include your child’s name and age and what classes she/he would be interested in taking.  You may call and leave a message and we will call you back the same day at 214-349-7916.  Please check out our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/kittycartersdancefactory.  Like us on the facebook page to receive instant updates.  Thank You!

CLASSES begin August, 17th, 2020. We will be registering students by filling out the short form below.  You will then be contacted for class placement.  Then you will be supplied the link to register online.

KCDF Alum Everywhere

12 Jul

What a week it has been! On Sunday, our very own Robin Chapman Mack’s Studio M dancers performed “Thriller” during the Cowboys halftime show. On Monday, several of us met Justin Bieber because alum Kaili Bright is dancing on his tour. And then, Tuesday, we sat in awe as we watched our Katie Schaar perform an incredible number choreographed by alum Nick Florez for Macy’s Stars of Dance on Dancing With The Stars. What a week it has been. And it’s only Wednesday.