We are a comprehensive school with an emphasis on performing. We offer traditional classes in Tap, Ballet, and Jazz for ages 3 to 18. We offer Jr Dallas Cowboys Pom Classes for ages 5-12.  We also offer Hip-Hop classes for ages 6 to 18 and Lyrical, Modern and Pilates for ages 12 to 18. Classes are taught by professionals who take pride in using age appropriate costumes, material and music. From novice to professional, we have a class for you!

  • Tap
  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Hip-Hop
  • Modern
  • Lyrical

TAP – Tap is the fastest way to develop coordination and instill rhythm. It brings great satisfaction for children with high energy levels. Tap teaches a sense of tempo, timing and counting.

BALLET – The foundation of all dance, ballet builds a beautiful and healthy body. It instills grace, poise  and self discipline. We encourage taking ballet to compliment other dance classes.

JAZZ – Be it soul, rock or character, jazz has many forms, all of which are fun and exciting. Many drill teams and cheerleading squads perform jazz and students simply love it.

HIP-HOP – Hip-Hop has evolved from street dancing to come to the forefront featured on videos and concerts. This style is characterized as hard-hitting.

MODERN – Modern, akin to ballet, uses the body to imitate subject and discovery through movement. It is controlled as well as abstract. Modern is for the more serious dancer.

LYRICAL – Lyrical is a slower form of jazz that uses the body to tell a story. Both dramatic and technical, a strong ballet background is recommended. A favorite of our high school students.

Class PlacementThe amount of dance training a student has had is used as a guideline but not as a rule. Some children are born with the gift and some have to work harder to achieve it. You’ll have the opportunity to try several classes (of your own age group) to find the perfect fit. All classes are taught to the level of the most advanced dancer in each class.

Company ClassStudents audition or are selected by an instructor to dance with this group. The training is very serious, sometimes costly and definitely time-consuming. This is only for those students who have the time and commitment to devote to it.

Apprentice CompanyA chosen group of students that will train seriously, attend conventions, possibly compete, but will be more relaxed on attendance due to sports, cheerleading  commitments, etc.

Come sign up for the following classes for the fall.  Hip Hop Classes, Jazz Classes, Modern Classes just to mention a few.   Just click on our Dance Class section to see all of our styles.  Come register during regular class hours. We are located at 9310 Forest Ln Suite 318 Dallas, TX 75243.

You may also email us at to registered your child at [email protected].   Please include your child’s name and age and what classes she/he would be interested in taking.  You may call and leave a message and we will call you back the same day at 214-349-7916.  Please check out our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/kittycartersdancefactory.  Like us on the facebook page to receive instant updates.  Thank You!

CLASSES begin August, 19th, 2024.  We will be registering students during normal business hours from 4:00 – 8:00pm until November 1st.