Michelle Keys

Dancer, Choreographer

Michelle is a born and raised Dallas, Texas native where she began dancing at the age of two.  She trained extensively in lyrical, jazz, ballet, tap, hip-hop, gymnastics, and cheer.

Michelle grew up in the competitive dance and cheer world where she won numerous awards for solo and team performances.  At the age of 18, she danced for the Dallas Mavericks for two seasons and continued on her dance career as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader for three seasons.

Michelle’s professional career includes TV appearances, performances with top music entertainers including, Drake, Keith Urban, Pitbull, and many others.  Michelle has traveled the world with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Show Group entertaining and giving back to our Troops on the USO tours.

Today, Michelle choreographs for various teams and individuals throughout the U.S.  She continues her training and instructional lessons for those auditioning for Professional, Collegiate and High School teams.

Michelle has created her own high energy, hard hitting, and motivating “Powerclass,” for all levels. She enjoys instructing and interacting with all ages of dancers where she encourages, inspires and makes a positive difference in their life. Learn more at http://www.michelleckeys.com/